The Families of M'Meanmain
The Families of M'Meanmain
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Andy McMenemy

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his site is dedicated to all of the MacMeanmain families around the world. The pages are continually under development, and the result of the co-operation and shared research of many of our families.

macmeanmain.gif (2647 bytes)If you are a McMenemy, or related to a McMenemy, McMenemin, McMenamy, McMenamie, McManaman, McMenaman, McMenomy, McMenamin (or any of the numerous variations in their spelling) then this site is for you. Welcome.

What will you find on this site?

Because the site is changing rapidly, you may wish to view the What's New page to see what has been added most recently. Once you are familiar with the Site, the Table of Contents may be the fastest way to navigate to specific pages.

Among these pages you will find the story of different branches of the McMenemy family, links to Web sites and articles related to, or written by McMenemys, legends, and vital records information.

I would like to start compiling and sharing as much information as possible about the family name.


Other resources

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Send a plain text note to with the single word subscribe in the body of the note.