Census and Vital Records
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Births 1790-1849
The Births 1850-1859
The Births 1860-69
The Births 1870-75
The Marriages 1790-1849
The Marriages 1850-59
The Marriages 1860-69
The Marriages 1870-79
The Deaths 1850-59
The Deaths 1860-69
The Deaths 1870-75
The Deaths 1910-19
The Deaths 1940-49
The 1881 Census
The 1831 Census - Londonderry
The 1910 Census - Pennsylvania


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GRO Extracts

Note: the Scottish records are now available online. This facility gives you access to the indexes of Births, Marriages, and Deaths from the statutory records, the indexes to the Old Parish Records, and also the 1891 census. You can follow this link to Scots Origins.

The following extract is from the English Public Records Office, more can be found by accessing the Free BMD site or the 1837Online site




PRO Reference

McMenemy, Blanche Birth South Shields 1865/xxx/10a/620
McMenemy, Mary L Birth Bermondsey 1866/Jun/1d/44

Census Extracts

1861 - Glasgow





Age Sex


County of

24 Wilson Street McMenemy Michael Head M 52 M Journeyman Tailor Ireland
McMenemy Sarah Wife M 51 F . Ireland
McMenemy Charles Son S 21 M Journeyman Tailor Glasgow
McMenemy James Son S 10 M Scholar Edinburgh

Census Sources

Several websites have opened up providing online help with census research. Here are some links that you might find useful:

Vital Records

The vital records have been split into separate pages for Births, Marriages and Deaths. In turn these have been split down into date ranges.

The 1831 Census of Londonderry 1831 Londonderry Census
The 1881 Census - my Index to variant spellings of the family name 1881 M'Meanmain Census
The 1910 Census for Pennsylvania 1910 M'Meanmain Census for PA
Scottish Births (1790-1849) Births from 1790
Scottish Births (1850-1859) Births from 1850
Scottish Births (1860-1869) Births from 1860
Scottish Births (1870-1875) Births from 1870
Scottish Marriages (1790-1849) Marriages from 1790
Scottish Marriages (1850-1859) Marriages from 1850
Scottish Marriages (1860-1869) Marriages form 1860
Scottish Marriages (1870-1875) Marriages from 1870
Scottish Deaths (1850-1859) Deaths from 1850
Scottish Deaths (1860-1869) Deaths from 1860
Scottish Deaths (1870-1875) Deaths from 1870
War Deaths (1910-1919) Deaths from 1910
War Deaths (1940 -1949) Deaths from 1940

Note that Carol Queen has also extracted births and marriage records for Co.Donegal and features them on her website. (Click here to jump to Carol's records)

Hearth Money Rolls

These are extracts from the 1665 Hearth Money Rolls for Donegal

Family name Forename Barony Parish Location
m'Maneemy Dermund Bannagh & Boylagh Kilbegs Kilterny
m'Menemy Phelomy Raphoe Raphoe Castleetorries
m'Manumy Phelomy Raphoe Donoughmore Castlefin
m'Meenumin Bryan Raphoe Donoughmore Killineur estate
m'Manumy Torlagh Raphoe Stranorlar Galwilly
m'Manumy Torlagh KIlmacrenan Gartan Carowtresna
Keminy Robert KIlmacrenan Conwall Airds

(Thanks to John D McLaughlin for these extracts).