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There are plenty of M'Meanmain families who feature on the web, either as the subject of a news story, or the author of a document. Below are links to some of these.

McMenemy Related Links

  • The McMenemy Seminars are run by the Trinity Hall MCR in memory of Chris McMenemy, a former
    graduate who was tragically lost at sea in the Summer of 2000.

  • McMenamy's is an entertainment complex

  • McMenamin's in the Pacific Northwest includes music venues, pubs, breweries, bed & breakfast resorts, and theatre pubs. (We recently received the following recommendation):

    "it is my intent to tell all McMenamin relatives about the chain of McMenamin pubs/restaurants/inns/bed and breakfast inns/brewery's in the Portland, Oregon area and surroundings.  I was in Portland this past weekend (I live in Northern California) and went to two: The Edgefield Inn and the Kennedy School.  Both have fabulous restaurants, plus much, much more!  If you go to that area I highly recommend it!  The McMenamin brothers started out with a brewery in the '70's and have done very well!  They have a web site too." 

  • Facing Huntingdon's Disease is a highly respected book by Bill McMenemy.

  • Bill McMenemy, who works for Del Laboratories, was a key sponsor of the launch event for the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund (this page includes a photo of Bill and a videoclip interview with him)

  • Dr John McMenemy is the editor of the Canadian Journal of Political Science. 
    In the past few years an annual 
    John McMenemy Prize has been awarded. The certificate of award will be made to the author or authors of the best article, in English or French, published in the Canadian Journal of Political Science. 
    To quote: "
    The prize was established in honour of the Journal's Administrative Editor, Professor John McMenemy of Wilfrid Laurier University, who has, since 1977, contributed greatly to the success of the Association and the Société's flagship journal."  For more information follow this link.


Other McMenemy References

  • Jimmy McMenemy was one of Celtic FC's greatest players. 

    He made his debut for Celtic in a 3-0 victory over Port Glasgow on 22nd November 1902, scoring in the process. Between then and 1919 he made 515 appearances and scored 168 goals. He was part of the famous Celtic team that won six league titles in a row between 1904 and 1910, and was part of the team that defeated Rangers 3-2 in the 1904 Scottish Cup Final after being down 2-0.

    He was master strategist, nicknamed "Napoleon", he led the club through a period of huge success. He won 11 League Championship titles and six Scottish Cup medals before the first World War intervened. He left the club in 1920 after 515 senior appearances and 168 goals. Between 1934 and 1940 he was the trainer/coach at Celtic Park.
    He also played for Partick Thistle between 1920 and 1922, and won the Scottish Cup with them in 1921. There is picture of Jimmy if you follow this link.

    • Jimmy had (at least) two sons, John and Harry who played football. John was capped for Scotland in October 1933. Harry was picked to play in the game, but had to pull out through injury. John took his place. (Scotland beat Wales 3-2).

    • Harry obviously missed his chance. He was never capped for Scotland.

    • A further son, Joe McMenemy, son of Celtic legend "Napoleon", was in Sligo when he rescued Lilly Fallon from drowning in Lough Gill. This tale is told in the story of Sean Fallon who also played for Celtic. (Follow the link, and search for McMenemy.

  • There is a very successful super-model called Kristen McMenamy.

  • There is a wooden cross in the cemetery called Boot Hill at Tombstone, Arizona. It marks the resting place of "McMenomy, Shot 1882". (Thanks to Maggie, for this clip).

  • George McMenemy is the General Manager at the Meon Valley Hotel, which is featured on the web because of its excellent golf course.

  • Lawrie McMenemy was a football player and manager, in his distinguished career his appointments included Manager of the Northern Ireland football squad, and Director of Football at Southampton FC. He is currently on a panel of motivational speakers.

  • Chris McMenemy is one of Lawrie's sons and was a professional footballer. He now runs a Sports Management company.

  • Steve McManaman is a very successful footballer, he has played for Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, and is currently playing for Manchester City.

  • Shayne McMenemy is a successful Rugby League player. His parents emigrated from Belfast to Australia in the 1970s. Brought up in Sydney, Shayne is back in the UK playing professionalrugby league.

  • Albert McMenemy is the academic registrar at Manchester University.

  • Richard McMenemy is the General Manager of "Rules" in Covent Garden. Rules is London's Oldest Restaurant. It was established in 1798.
    In 2002 Rules was voted the “Best Restaurant” by readers of WHERE London magazine. In the May - July issues of the monthly magazine WHERE invited their readers to vote for their favourite restaurant and favourite retailer. Selfridges won the retailer award and Rules the restaurant award.

  • There is a McMenamy's Seafood Restaurant at 70 Davis Straits St, Falmouth, MA Phone: (508) 540-2115 (Great family restaurant serving a variety of fresh seafood.)
  • There is also the Larchmont Avenue Oyster House, run by a Brian McMenamin in Larchmont, Westchester County, New York.
  • Msgr. Hugh McMenamin, was the builder of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and founder of The Denver Catholic Register.
  • A certain Bell M'Menemy under sentence of death wrote a lament that is stored in the library of Glasgow University. The story behind this is also stored in the National Library for Scotland.
  • Doug McManaman is a writer of religious texts and articles.
  • Terry Borrows tells us: "The lady who was the model for the statue called the Angel of Victory on the dome of the Victoria memorial in Calcutta India was my aunt Bridget McMenemy. Her father was a James McMenemy who was born in Ireland then went to Scotland worked on the railways. He left Rutherglen in Glasgow and sailed from Tilbury Docks in England to India where he became a p w inspector for the East Bengal state railway. He was related to Jimmy McMenemy who played for Scotland and Celtic. One of his daughters, called Margaret married a Lord Bagot James who was a grandmaster in the Freemasons.
  • Philip McMenemy runs a firm of Independant Financial Advisors in Armagh
  • McMenemy Hill is a limited company specialising in the development of Business Releationships.
  • Dr Karen McMenemy is a lecturer at Queen's University Belfast; her current research interests include camera calibration, sensor fusion, vision systems and automated light measurement.
  • A certain John McMenemy of Glasgow was transported to Australia on the ship Ramillies. Arriving in 1854, at the age of 21, he had been sentenced to 14 years for theft.