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Andy McMenemy

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Archive-Name: gov/us/fed/congress/record/1999/sep/21/1999CRE1910A 
[Congressional Record: September 21, 1999 (Extensions)] [Page E1910]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:cr21se99-36]                         

 of Florida
 in the house of representatives
 Tuesday, September 21, 1999

  Mr. DEUTSCH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the memory of Robert J. McMenemy, who passed away last week at the age of 59 in Plantation, FL. I am saddened by this tragic loss: South Florida has lost a truly great community leader.
  For the past 35 years, Bob McMenemy was a strong presence at labor meetings, political club events, and civic activities throughout Broward County, FL. He was a fixture at Democratic campaign rallies, candidate fundraisers, and political dinners, known among politicians and elected officials as someone who could quickly motivate others to participate in the political process. Demonstrating his large influence on South Florida politics, Bob was the labor committee chairman and a vice chairman of the county Democratic Party, as well as former vice president and president of the Plantation Democratic Club.
  Though very active in politics, Bob was perhaps best known for his leadership in South Florida's union. He was a passionate advocate for better pay for workers on public projects, and significantly 
strengthened the labor movement in Broward County. He was a leader of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 675, representing the workers who drove construction cranes and other heavy equipment. Bob also served as the political action chairman and legislative director before becoming the union's president. In honor of his extraordinary dedication and work, the Broward AFL-CIO presented Bob with the ``Labor Leader of the Year'' award. This award was truly deserved, representing all that Bob stood for.
  It is important to note that Bob McMenemy did not simply focus all of his attention on political and labor issues. Throughout the course of his life, Bob was especially devoted to social issues as well. He was specifically known for his involvement in assisting people who suffered from drug and alcohol addictions. Bob served as the director of the Broward AFL-CIO's member assistance program, chairman of the Broward Alcohol and Drug Abuse Advisory Board, and a board member of the House of Hope and Stepping Stones treatment programs. He strongly believed that people with drug and alcohol problems deserved a chance to recover, and he worked tirelessly to assist them in this important fight.
  On a more personal level, Bob McMenemy, with his deep Irish roots, invested his time in the Emerald Society, a group that promotes Irish heritage. He was, in fact, honored by the society at one of the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfasts in Fort Lauderdale. Most importantly, however, Bob McMenemy was a devoted husband, father, and son, who is survived by his wife, his two daughters, and his mother. No matter what calling one obeys in life, I can think of nothing more important than one's relationship with their family.
  Mr. Speaker, while Bob McMenemy's passing is a tremendous loss for the South Florida community, I can say without hesitation that his memory lives on through the work of the many organizations to which he dedicated his life. We will dearly miss Bob, but for the thousands of lives he touched, we thank and praise him for his hard work, his leadership, and his compassion for others.

Robert Emmett   wrote for That Was the Week That Was
{born: Robert McMenamin}
expired 4-8-2000 in New York, New York   age 78   cause: following surgery for acute appendicitis

Thom McMenemy

Thomas J. "Thom" McMenemy, 54, President of AP Military Group, Inc., the Defense Commissary Agency's (DeCA) largest multi-line perishables contractor which handles many products including Fresh Express bagged salads, died on Friday, Jan. 6, 2006 in Hudson, Fla.

Born in Queens, N.Y. in April 1951, the C.W. Post College, Brookville, NY, graduate started AP Military in 1998. Prior to this position, he was a vice president of Reese Inc.'s military division from 1995 to 1998.

He is survived by his wife, Angela, two daughters, two brothers, a sister, and two grandchildren. Funeral arrangements were handled by Prevatt Funeral Home in Hudson.

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