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Can you fill in any further details?

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Andy McMenemy

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Tracing branches of the family and finding those critical links can be so difficult. On this page I will document some of the searches which are outstanding. If you can help fill in one of the gaps, then let me know and I will pass on the information.

Ref: S1/John McManemy

My maiden name was McManemy and I am searching for my GGGrandfather John. John McManemy was born somewhere in Ireland circa 1816/19.  His father was from Scotland, mother was Irish. He was born in Ireland, at least that is what the records I have from the Canadian Census of 1851-61 all say. However, I can't seem to find him there but find that name in the Scotland records quite a few times. In Fife, Lanark and Renfrew.

They were farmers and when John emigrated to Canada circa 1837 he put on his 1851 Census that he was Episcopalian and a farmer. He married a Scots lady named Hannah Buchanan that year. Their first son was named Robert. On some of John's records his name is spelled McMenemy / McMenomy / McManama / McManamy and even McManabee. I believe he couldn't write so whoever he told his name to put it down like it sounded to them. I do think his name originated in Scotland and maybe my branch moved to Ireland before he was born. Is there anything you can help me with? I am really stumped!

(Source: Betty L Clark, with updates 22/3/07))

Ref: S2/James McMenemy & Helen Gallowglay

I am searching for any information regarding James McMenemy and his wife Helen Gallowglay (Gallowgly). They had a son Thomas in about 1824-1828, probably on Barony, Glasgow. Other than Thomas's military records referencing them as his parents, I can find no evidence of their birth, marriage, or death.

(Source: Andy McMenemy)

Ref: S3/William McMenemy

I have a mystery for you. My mother's brother, William McMenemy, born 1906 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He came to Brooklyn, New York in the early 1920s and stayed with his Aunt Mary McMenemy Hutcheson. He was the first of my mother's family to come over. He was a conductor on the trolley line. When his father came to join him in America he disappeared. William and his father did not have a good relationship. William has not been heard from to this very day. His mother, Charlotte, wrote to the armed forces to see if he had enlisted but was informed they had no record of him. Is it possible there may be a relative of this William McMenemy out there somewhere who could tell me of what happened to William?

(Source: Maggie)

Ref: S4/Thomas McManaman

I am searching for Thomas McMANAMAN. His wife was Anne McLAUGHLIN-MURPHY. Their daughter, Ella Rose was born 2-14-1871 in Milan, Sullivan Co., MO. She married Ralph Halliburton, b. 2-11-1890 in Trenton, Mo.; lived many years in Des Moines, IA; and died in 1947 in Davenport, Iowa.

(Source: Josie Banks)

Ref: S5/James McMenamin

James McMenamin (born 4/6/1858 in Strabane, Tyrone, IRE; died 1/23/1903 in Crockett, CA). His parents were Patrick and Annie(I think). James married Bridget Gallagher (born 7/18/1866 in Dunfanaghy, Donegal, IRE; died 5/14/1898 in Crockett, CA) on 4/16/1888 in Brooklyn, NY after coming to the US in 1886. I heard he came here with 3 brothers, but don't know their names. He had 4 kids all born in Crockett, CA: Patrick McMenamin, born 6/11/1892; Kathryn McMenamin, born 7/9/1896; Mary Ann McMenamin, born 1/19/1889; and my grandfather, John Aloysus McMenamin, born 5/25/1894.

I have all the info on James to me but don't have much on him and his relatives. Hoping someone sees a connection or can point me in the right direction so I can uncover additional info. Thanks, John McMenamin, Napa, CA.

Ref: S6/Kathryn Agnes McMenamin

My G-aunt, Kathryn Agnes McMenamin,born 7/9/1896 in Crockett, CA and died 10/4/1989 in Oakland, CA. She married 3 different husbands: Carl Doell, Frank Dahle, and Otis Battle(who was born 11/3/1895 and was married on 12/14/1935). Is anyone else working on this line also? Thanks, JOHN(NAPA,CA).

Ref: S7/Patrick James McMenamin

I have a G-uncle, Patrick James McMenamin, born 6/11/1892 in Crockett, CA and married to Elida Solie(born 7/29/1894 in Nordland, WA) on 1/1/1916 in Nordland, WA. He died on 5/3/1945 in Port Angeles, WA and she died 3/5/1989 in Port Angeles, WA. He had 2 daughters: Margaret Elida McMenamin, born 10/24/1916 in Fort Flagler, WA. Also, Patricia Pauline McMenamin, born 6/3/1919 in Seattle, WA. 
Anyone else working on this line? Thanks, JOHN(NAPA,CA).

Ref: S8/Mary Ann Jo McMenamin

My G-aunt, Mary Ann Jo McMenamin, born 1/19/1889 in Crockett, CA, and died 10/7/1990 in Coquille, OREGON. She had 3 separate husbands: Renee Chesselet, born abt 1890 and married 1911; Antoine Chesselet, born 1886 in Belgium and married in 1919; and John William Louis Treacy, born 8/5/1874 in IRELAND and married in 1935. I have info from them on down .
Does anyone else have info on this line? Thanks, JOHN(NAPA,CA)

Ref: S9/McMenamin-Kenneally

I have a Patrick McMenamin and John McMenamin who lived with their uncle Patrick Kenneally in Crockett, CA about 1907. Just a long shot, but wondered if any researchers have a McMenamin-Kenneally connection. Thanks, JOHN(NAPA,CA)

Ref: S10/Cornelius McManman

I have a McManman connection which eludes me. I have a Catherine Purcell who was a widow of Cornelius McManman. She was already a widow in the late 1850's in Detroit. Same woman in 1880 in Chicago still listed as his widow.
She had a son named William born in MI abt 1855. Catherine is buried in Kenosha, WI where I find other Mcmanmans living. I presume the ones in Kenosha are somehow relatives of her long dead husband.
The census in Kenosha from 1880 shows a John age 60 (IRE), Catherine 51 (IRE), John 19(IL), Annie 16 (IL), Patrick 11 (IL), Catherine 9 (IL). I am assuming this family is related and these children were born in Chicago and the family moved to Kenosha by 1880. (Christina Hunt)

Ref: S11/William McManama

Does anyone have any information on William McManama or his son, George McManama? William was born possibly 1850 and died after 1914. His son George was born 7-10-1871 in Cass County, Indiana and died 4-26-1964 in Ft.
Wayne, Indiana. William married a Sirelda Fischer but beyond that I have no information. George married my G. Grandmother, Zulemma Wagoner in 1896 but they divorced in 1906 and contact was lost with George. (Melanie Spychalski)

Ref: S12/Edward McManaman

Looking for information regarding my gg-grandfather, Edward McManaman. He and his wife, Margaret Dendew, emigrated from Ireland to Ontario, Canada some time before 1845. Dendew is probably not the exact last name of Margaret. I've never been able to find the name "Dendew" in any record other than on my grandfather's death record.

Canadian census records show that Edward and Margaret were born in Ireland, which is consistant with oral history. All of the children were born in Northumberland County, Ontario. Based on the spelling of MCMANAMAN my guess is that Edward is from Co. Mayo.

Descendants of Edward McManaman

1  Edward McManaman 1801 -
   + Margaret Dendew 1822 -
.. 2  Mary McManaman 1847 -
...2  Thomas McManaman 1851 - 1927
....  + Bridget A. Radey 1854 - 1925
.. 2  James McManaman 1853 - (there is a difference in date of birth by as much as 10 years in various records)
....  + Mary J 1879 -
.. 2  Ann McManaman 1855 -
.. 2  Katherine McManaman 1857 -
.. 2  Edward McManaman 1859 -
.. 2  Maggie McManaman 1865 -

As adults, Thomas and James emigrated to different parts of Michigan and raised families. Any information pertaining to Edward, Margaret, or any of their children would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also be interested in hearing about ANY McManaman/McManamon's born around 1800 in Ireland. I may be able to identify one of Edward's siblings via that route. (Maureen DeHaan)

Ref: S13/Bridget McManiman

Bridget McMANIMAN/MCMANAMAN, died Feb. 23, 1855, aged 20 yrs and 1 month, native of the Parish of Donaghmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland. She was married to my great-great grandfather, Thomas Burns. (We think it was BYRNE in Ireland. He was from County Carlow.)

They were married January 14, 1854, in or around Lemont, Illinois. Bridget is buried at St. James Sag Bridge cemetary, in Lemont, Illinois. Lemont is south of Chicago. I know nothing else about her. Perhaps someone else does or may even have information on Thomas and his family.

I have a little information on Bridget who I hope has family out there somewhere. Perhaps someone is looking for her. (Debbie)

Ref: S14/Lera McMennamy

I am trying to find info on the McMennamy's from Blue, Oklahoma.

My husband's mother's name was Lera McMennamy.  She was married to Robert L Taylor.   They were married in Oklahoma on December 16, 1926.

If you have info please let me know. Thanks. (Wanda Taylor)

Ref: S15/Jamie Aukskalnis

I had a Great Grandfather Thomas (son of Thomas McMenamy & Mary Rainsford), who came to the States in 1875, aged 8,  and died in New York 3/4/1915. He supposedly came because his cousin (or brother) "Bob" was living in the Paterson/Butler NJ area.

My Grandmother had a cousin, Clare (in Michigan), but I don't know her husband's name. She was born 3/31/1889, her daughter Bernadine married John Gordon.

My Mom has one mass card from a Bridget McMenamy who died on 5/9/1939. She also had recollection of a Hughie, and C.F. McMenamy. C.F migrated to California and then Oregon.

If any of this sounds familiar please let me know.... I have run into dead ends with all of my living relatives, not many left now. (Jamie Aukskalnis)

Ref: S16/Donegal

Hi I am searching for any info on the McMenamin's who came from Aveltygort, Kellygordon, Liffordt, Co. Donegal any info will be a great help. (Steve McMenamin)

Ref: S17/Thomas McManamy

My great grandfather was Thomas McManamy. Thomas' parents were John McManamy and Mary Falinn(could be Flynn or Fallin). Thomas was born 1820-1828 in Ireland. He had at least two brothers, John and James, and two sisters named Ann and Catherine. Thomas McManamy married Margaret Mullany, John McManamy married Rose Gannon, James McManamy fought in the Civil War and never married, Ann McManamy married a Mr. Judge and Catherine McManamy married a Mr. Turner. Thomas came to the USA between 1853-1856. I am interested in finding anyone who might have information concerning these relatives. (Rosemary Magee)

Ref: S18/Cornelius McMenemy

Cornelius McMenemy married Helen Keterson 5th Sept 1834, Neilston, Renfrew. I have their daughter Helen b;1841 Barrwood, Paisley, Scotland. Is anybody researching this family? I would appreciate any info. 
(Judy Spurling)

Ref: S19/McMinimy

I'm looking for information on this family in the early 1800s, KY. I think there's only one that spells it this way--which first appears in the 1790 census for Casswell Co NC--John and Alexander McMinimy both found there, John in the Hillsborough Dist, Alex in Gloucester Dist. I have found some info on a John McMinimy, b. Va 1778, married Sallie Dawson Smith in Woodford, 30 Dec 1809, living in Woodford Co KY by at least 1806 (deed). Record of one son born there, Richard, b. 1814 (later moved to Hancock Co. IL). There's also a Polly McMinimy b. 1780 buried in Woodford Co.

There are also McMinimys in Kansas later in the 19th cent--may be the same family, though I don't know that.

I am specifically trying to identify the SARAH MCMINIMY who married THOMAS JEFFERSON DALE in Spencer Co. KY 10 Sept 1929. Sarah was born 1812. Is she also a child of John McMinimy and Sallie Smith?

Can anyone shed light on MCMINIMYS anywhere? ireland, Scotland? KENTUCKY?
(Karen Dale)

Ref: S20/Sarah McMenamey

My 2nd great grandmother (wife of William Burns) maiden name was McMENAMEY. I found baptismals for 3 of their children in Philadelphia, all giving Sarah's maiden name as McMENAMEY.

Anyway, Wm. Burns had a coalyard at 1217 Washington in Philadelphia for years.  In fact, he is listed in the 1870, 1875, and 1880 directories as Burns & McMenamey, coalyard (that was Hugh McMenamey).  Some of the sponsors for their children were McMenameys, probably from Philadelphia area.  Don't know where the McMenameys are buried but will try New Cathedral Cemetery as that is where the Burns family is buried.

If anyone knows anything about this family, I would be overjoyed.  Thanks so much.


Ref: S21/Kansas McMinimys

Kansas McMinimys come from KY.  I am not aware of how the family connects with Ireland/Scotland. Any one have any ideas?

(Milton W McMinimy)

Ref: S22/USA McMenemy

My name is William Alvin McMenemy Born 26.03.1949 and I  Live in the county of Cheshire.ENGLAND. My father was Reginald William McMenemy who was born 1921 in Portsmouth  Hampshire. My grandfathers name was William Alfred McMenemy born about 1880 . 

I would be grateful for any information in the McMenemy family history in the USA .

(Alvin McMenemy)

Ref: S23/Mary McMenemy (Belfast)

I recently came across my mothers baptismal record (1932) from St. Paul's Catholic church in Belfast . Her mother is listed as Mary McMenemy.  She married William Guiney in Belfast Ireland cicrca 1930  They later moved to Cootehill Co Cavan. I beleive she died in the mid 60's  but other than that I have no information.

My mother , Patsy (Guiney) Clark died in 1984 and her siblings have not been able to provide any other information.  I do recall my mother mentioning her Uncle Paddy  and I beleive he might have been Mary's brother.  I would appreciate any information or ideas you can offer that might help me in my search.

(Leslie Baldwin)

Ref: S24/William McMenemy

I am looking for my g g grandfather William McMenemy. I believe he was born 1827-1828 in County Tyrone? Died Simcoe County, Ontario Canada 1873-1874. First wife Jane ? and might have married in Ireland. Immigrated to the US in 1857? Then moved to either Halton or Simcoe County in Ontario. Jane died 1859-1860? He married a Matilda Caldwell on November 11, 1861 in Simcoe County. Parents were John McMenemy and either Margaret or Mary ? I believe he had three brothers. One of them James settled in Halton County in 1860. Can anyone have any info on William.

(George McMenemy)

Ref: S25/Louis McManamy (McMenamy)

My maiden name was McManama, but when doing some work on the name I found out at one time my grandfather went by McManamy, but originally it was McMenamy.

I searched for years and came up with one deadend after another. I did find a couple who came in the Famine in a group of books called "Irish Famine Immigrants" and listed many, many peope who came at that time.

They came in 1847 or 1848 on a ship out of Scotland but they were listed as Irish. My great grandfather was Bernard who was 28 and his wife Margaret who was 18. This would match with what I found in the 1880 census and they were living in Scranton, Pa.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and my dad and his brothers were the only McManama's in Pittsburgh. I did a lot of research but manually so I hope I will be more sucessful on the Internet. I did a lot of research on the McManama's and did a mailout accross the US and even had a man in Ireland trying to track down information. Unfortunalely my dad was dead and his surviving brothers and sisters were getting on in years. I did receive a lot of information from a nun around St. Louis about the McMenamy's but I could never tie in to our family.

My grandfather had a brother by the name of Louis and nobody seems to know whatever happened to him. I did find a lot of interesting information but could not tie it together. Does anyone have information on Louis McManamy or McMenamy?

(Carol McManama Van Horn)

Ref: S26/Killeter

John McMenamin was born in Killeter. Looking for information...

(E.Ross McMenamin)

Ref: S27/Margaret Wallace McMenemy

Looking for lineage of Margaret Wallace McMenemy, born in Glasgow, emigrated to USA when 3 years old, circa 1900 to 1910, Mother of my wife, Margaret Diana Shelley. Margaret McMenemy's father was a classical musician, and later supervisor in the Lawrence MA mills. He also played in the Boston symphony and taught part-time. I believe he and his brothers were well-known soccer (or football) players in Scotland as young men.

(Maxon L. Goudy)

Ref: S28/McMenemy in Rothesay

While sorting my deceased uncle's photographs I came across several referring to the McMenemy family in Rothesay. The older generation are Sarah ( Cissy ), Ellen, Jeannie, and Mary. The younger generation are Geoffrey, Brian and Jeanne.
Do these folk mean anything to anyone? (Jim Reilly)

Ref: S29/McMenemy from Paisley

My GG grandfather was John Agustin McMenemy (McMenamy) born 1865.  His wife was Catherine Anne MacNeil.  Born 1866.  They come from Paisley, Renf., Scotland   to USA settling in Denver, Col.  There first of seven children was born in 1890.  Anyone knowing anything about my Scotland connection please let me know.   Thank you.

John's father was John McMenemie from Paisley, Scotland. Born 4 Aug. 1821 mother was Jean (Jeannie) Galloway born 1827? in Motherwell, Scotland.  (Taaryl (MacMenemy) Lockwood)

Ref: S30:/Mary Ann McMenemy - Trongate

All I know about my great great grandmother Mary Ann McMENEMY is:

She was born about 1820 in Ireland, and died in Glasgow 2 Nov 1861. Mary Ann's parents were Hugh McMENEMY and Helen (GIBSON) McMENEMY. Mary Ann married James BAILLIE, b. Ireland or Scotland about 1817

Their son Hugh BAILLIE b. 23 Aug 1845, Central District, Glasgow. His birth/baptism was witnessed by Hugh McMENEMY and John McMENEMY. When he was 15, he was a student teacher in Glasgow. He went to America in 1865, married Mary HEMINGWAY in about 1879, d. Wood Co., Ohio 1910, buried Lake Twp. Cemetery

Their daughter Helen BAILLIE b. and d. 1856, buried Mile End, Christchurch, Glasgow. Their son Robert b. about 1854 I have not been able to trace him.

The family lived at 44 Trongate, Glasgow in 1856-1861, at least. (The building is still there.) In 1860, James BAILLIE was a victualer. Mary Ann (McMenemy) BAILLIE was a coffee house keeper (reported in the valuation rolls).

A Hugh McMENEMY and family lived at 46 Trongate in 1851. He was a Wine and Spirits Merchant, born about 1825 in Ireland. His wife was Janet(?) of Stirling and they had a daughter Helen b. about 1849 in Glasgow.

I'm interested in any information about this family... Margo Metegrano

(Margo runs a one-name study of Hemingway and its derivative names. Do go and look at her site on the web.)

Ref: S31/McMenemy in Australia

I am looking for anyone in Australia who knows of any McMenamey's that lived there.   I understand my Grandfathers brother immigrated there in the 1880's, never to be heard from again. My Grandfathers name was Christopher McMenamey from Mullangar, West Meath Ireland.  I do not know his brothers name.  He also had a sister that became a nun in the USA.

(Bill McMenamey - Trumbull, CT)

Ref: S32/McManaman in Ohio

Searching for any information on the family of Thomas and Anne MURPHY McMANAMAN both b. IRE bet. 1836-1840.  Lived in Ohio where the following children were born: Mary (Mrs. John McCARTY) b.1858;  Patrick J. b. 1862;  Margaret "Maggie" (Mrs. John EMBERTON) b. 1864;  Catherine "Kate" (Mrs. Joseph P. MORAN) b. 1868;   Ella Rose (Mrs. Ralph HALLIBURTON) b. 2-14-1870, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH;   and Anna M. (Mrs. John ARNOLD) b. 1877.

The family relocated to Milan Sullivan Co., MO before 1880. Please let me know if you have any connection to any of these families.

(Jo Westendorf Banks)

Ref: S33/McMenemy - Massachusetts

My mother-in-law was born a McMenemy, and as such my wife and son are from the McMenemy Family.  I am over 98% French, so almost all of my genealogy has been from there.

In fact, my mother-in-law had said that her grandfather left Scotland in the 20th century, which I thought was absurd and misinformation, as all of my ancestors left France in the 1600's.  But Researching Scottish is not the same as researching French, so this is virgin ground for me!

I just received the Social Security application of my wife's great-grandfather John Joseph McMenemy Jr.  It says that he was born in Glasgow in 1882, and that his parents were John Joseph McMenemy, Sr.; and Mary Dempster.  This family settled in Norfolk and Franklin, Massachusetts.

I am looking for any information on this family, either ancestors or descendants.   I would be interested in anyone else who may be of assistance.

(Roger Chattell)

Ref: S34/McMenamin - Philadelphia

I am the son of Timothy McMenamin, son of Thomas McMenamin, son of Thomas McMenamin. I don't know the rest, but it goes on until John McMenamin, who came over from Ireland to Philadelphia, 20 years after the potato famine. Can anyone help find the rest of my ancestry?

(Joseph Moses McMenamin)

Ref: S35/McMenamee

I Have been looking for the McMenamee name for years. It has been elusive till now. I would never have thought to look under "MacMeanmain".... 
My mother - Mary Alice Hill born 1907 Salford, England; her parents: Herbert Bruce Hill born 1882 in Ireland of English parents: John Hill and Esther Ann Cole; Herbert married Charlotte Pye born 1882 in Barrow-on-Furness, England, daughter of William Pye and Elizabeth McMenamee "of Scotland". This is all the info I know. If anyone doing genealogy can help me with more, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

(Marilyn Anderson)

Ref: S36/McManaman, Ohio

I am new to the list and am researching the Thomas McManaman-Ann Murphy family.   They married in Cleveland, OH in December 1856.  7 children were born there: 
          Mary Ann (Mrs. John B. McCarty); 
          Margaret, "Maggie" (Mrs. John Emberton); 
          John (died in infancy); 
          Catherine "Kate" (Mrs. Joseph P. Moran); 
          Ellen "Ella Rose" (Mrs. Ralph Halliburton).
         Anna (Mrs. John C. Arnold).
I believe Thomas had brothers Patrick & Michael.  Thomas emigrated in 1856.

I believe that Ann Murphy McManaman had a brother, John and a sister Catherine, "Kate" (Mrs. Peter McGinty).   Kate emigrated in 1855.

I would like to hear from anyone who might have a connection to this family.

(Jo Westendorf Banks)

Ref: S37/Blanche

We are looking for Blanche McMenemy Thompson who married Col. Billy Thompson. Blanche was murdered in Santa Barbara. Ca and Col Bill died from an illness. Bill's dad and his sister Elizabeth were raised by an Uncle Bernie or
Bernard out side of St. Louis, Mo.  Uncle Bernie's family had horses!!!
Col Billy Thompson was a fight promoter and Kidd McCoy was one of his fighters.  Blanche was an actress and opera singer.
Any help will be appreciated.

(Emma J Smith)

Ref: S38/McManamon Co.Mayo

Any information on the following would be greatly appreciated regarding:

  1. Francis (Frank) Mc Manamon, born in Ballycroy, Co Mayo around 1898, believed to have emigrated to USA around 1914 at age 16, known to have worked constructing railroad, known to have worked in Toledo, Ohio.
  2. His older brother Michael (aka George) Mc Manamon, born in Ballycroy around 1892. Believed to have worked in NY for many years.
  3. Their sister Maria (pronounced Mariah) Mc Manamon, born in Ballycroy around 1888, emigrated to USA via Ellis Island in 1905 at age 18, in the company of her first cousin C. Gallagher. They went to join their aunt, Mrs Mannion (?) who (according to Ellis Island records) lived at North Meade Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA.   It is believed Maria married a 1st generation Italian in US (name unknown), possibly lived in Buffalo/NY. Believed to have had children.

There were 6 other children in the family, most remained in Ireland.
Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated.


Ref: S39/Minnesota

The following McMenemys: Robert, Elizabeth, William, Robert R, Margaret, Robert A Hugh Henry (last one 
born 1872 died 1955)  are buried Oakland Cemetery St Paul, Minnesota. All were believed to have been born in Ireland, emigrated to Scotland and then on to Canada and the USA. (Possiblylittle Canada, Ramsey Cty, Minn. )

Also searching for Gray Henry b 1900 d 1928 (buried in Oakland Cemetery, St Paul) William S 1902-1976, Duane Simpson, 1907-1989, Robert Alexander 1916-1981 or Hugh 1912-1995.


Ref: S40/Dufferin Co.

I am trying to find out if there is any truth to the legend in our family that this branch of the McMenemy's came from Kilmore. My emigrated from Ireland to Canada.  They settled in East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin County.

We were southern Irish and protestant.  That is all that I know.  My grandfather died when I was 16 so I had little chance to query him.

(Dr Mary Eleanor Hill)

Ref: S41/McMenamin (South Africa - Vosges Connections)

My father's name is John Joseph McMenamin. My Grandfather is Michael Arthur McMenamin, married to a Voges woman. My Great Grandfather is Michael McMenamin married to a De Beer woman when he arrived in South Africa. Do you have any information on my forebears

(Michael McMenamin)

Ref: S42/McMenemy (St Louis)

I'm trying to make a connection between a young woman named Bridget, who married a Mr. Long, possibly about 1851, and a John Empson, sometime after, in St. Louis. I did find a marriage record for a Bridget McMenemy marrying a John Long in St. Louis 16 May 1852, and this date seems to fit, according to the ages of their children, a daughter born 1853 and another daughter born a few years later. By 1860 Mr. Long was gone, and she married Mr. Empson a few years later.

(Susan Burneson)

Ref: S43/McMenamin (Castlefin)

My Grandfather's name was Hugh McMenamin of Balaet, Castlefin Co.Donegal. My father was Michael McMenamin born 1905 Balaet District of Castlefin. I cannot trace anything re my grandfather who was married to Mary also a McMenamin before marriage. I have come to a halt because although I remember my father telling me he had 13 siblings I cannot trace any of them because I cannot get to square one in respect of my grandparents. They had a farm in Casletfin area but that's as far as I can get at present.  Do you know if I could trace church records re my grandparents or even my fathers baptism at a church in Balaet.

(Sheila Gunn)

Ref: S44/Mary Margaret McMenemy

Mary Margaret McMenemy, was born Aug 16, 1900, in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and married Cyril Samuel Lever from Birkenhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland, date unknown, They had 2 children Helen and Ted born in the 1920's. Her parents were Patrick James McMenemy from Ireland and Helene Therese Dorrien from France. 
If there is anyone out there who can shed more light on any of these people, please contact Val Storry.

(Val Storry, 12th September 2004)

Ref: S45/James Edward McMenemy

James writes: I'm from Devon but my parents are from Kent. I need to hear from any McMenemys that are close to my dearly departed grandad Edward James Mcmeney from Essex and his wifeMary McMenemy

(James McMenemy, May 27th 2005)

Ref: S46/Vivienne

Our Clan in New Zealand are John McMenemy, Elsie, Faye, Lynette, Pamela and Sandra as well as myself. Dad immigrated to NZ in 1954 from Glasgow, to Port Glasgow in N.Z. He lived in Liverpool, England. Most of our relatives are in the U.K. still with a cousin Janet in Canada. I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks they might be related

(Vivienne McMenemy)

Ref: S47/John McMenamin

My name is John McMenamin, my father is Andrew McMenamin, his father was John McMenamin, his father was Edward McMenamin, his parents, born in the 1840s, were John and Mary McMenamin (nee McMenamin). John was a farmland labourer. On Mary's death certificate it says that she was the son of Hugh McMenamin and Grace Donnelly. Hugh was a ploughman. I have assumed that John and Mary's families worked the same land somewhere in north-west Ireland. Is this a safe assumption to make?

John and Mary left Ireland for Scotland with two sons (James b.1871 and Andrew b.1872) in 1872. In 1873 Edward (my great grandfather) was the first born here in Scotland, followed by William b.1876, Joseph b.1879, Patrick b.1883, and Michael b.1886. By 1891 my family moved from Bridge of Weir Renfrewshire to Govan in Glasgow. By the end of the 1890's John, Mary, William, Joseph and Michael had all died. Patrick also died as a young man in 1908.

I have death certificates for everyone except John (my great great grandfather). John doesn't appear to have died in Scotland, he may have gone back to Ireland, or gone elsewhere looking for work. I have details of James, he married Elizabeth Ross McMillan in Govan and obviously Edward who married Annie Laverty in Govan. But I have lost track of Andrew, he does not appear on the 1901 census for Scotland. It may be that John and Andrew left Scotland together. Can anyone help me please?


I have since discovered that John and Andrew both died in Govan in the early 1890s.  They both appear as McMenemy on the register.   My family appear on Scottish registers in the following order:
Also Mary was John's second wife, they married in November 1864 in Castlederg Co. Tyrone.  John's first wife was Mary-Ann Gallan. John had at least four more children. 
  • Anne (b. 1861) is likely to been daughter to Mary-Anne Gallan. 
  • Hugh is borderline (b. 1865), but I believe was son to Mary McMenamin. 
  • In 1888 Catherine was born but died after 2 weeks, then
  • in 1891 John and Mary named their last child Catherine, she died in Govan age 6 days.  

John (b. 1835 rather than 1840s) was the son of Hugh and Ann (nee McMenamin) McMenamin.  

I've got all I can from Scotland, I need to head for Castlederg.

(John McMenamin)


Ref: S48/Sarah McMenemy

My name is Julie Laskey and I have begun to search my Irish roots. My mother was from England and her father was Joseph Henry McCann of County Cork, Ireland. His mother was Sarah McMenemy. Unfortunately, my mother passed away 3 years ago and a lot of the family history went with her but I do have a family Bible that she wrote some information in. I would love to hear from any one with any ideas, I'm sure there are plenty. My youngest son Adam is very interested in finding out anything and everything about his heritage. Thank you

(Julie Laskey)

Ref: S49/Frank McManamon

Bit of a long shot but if anyone has any information on either of the two Frank McManamons born in County Mayo please get in touch.

Francis McManamon born at Clogernagh (Claggarnagh) on 29th May 1882

Francis McManamon born on Achill on 20th(?) October 1881

(Larry McManamon)

New Requests

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