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Andy McMenemy

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It is evident that with all of the input we are receiving, it may be difficult to keep track of what you've seen and what is new. This page will keep you abreast of changes to the site.

November 2009

  • Site relocated
  • New F43/Jeri fragment from Jeri Johnson including interesting "scalping story"!

April 2009

September 2008

  • New F42/JM fragment from Jennifer McMenemy of Glasgow

June 2008

  • New F41/JKM fragment regarding John Knox McMenemy
  • Updated F18/TM with additional information from Jessica.
  • Updated F13/CB with the sad news of the death of Cleone's daughter.
  • Updated F9/TPF with ancillary information regarding a related family.
  • New F40/RM genealogy Report form descendants of Rodger McMennemin McMenamin

June 2007

April 2006

Sept 2005

  • Add new feature to the Research Requests. This will allow you to add, and amend your own requests.
    As an example I have added a recent request from Cathy,
  • Major update to Family Fragment (F18)

Aug 2005

  • Mailto address changed for John McMenamin, and updated with additional information.
  • Added a research request regarding Sarah McMenemy
  • Added Bob's email address to his ancestor's entry in the census records.
  • Added factoid about McMenemy Road
  • Added research request for John McMenamin

Jun 2005

May 2005

February 2005

  • Removed broken link for Sean McMenomy on "Links" page.
  • Added new branch to Taylor family tree within my own web site

January 2005

November 2004

  • In a fit of stupidity I started a blog... not specific to the family Genealogy, just my journal/musings.
  • Factoid - press clipping regarding William McMenamin

October 2004

  • Updated Law Family Outline in my own family site.
  • Reworked links to Birth/Marriage certificates on my own website. This was necessary because of an inconsistency between the way that Microsoft IE and other browsers handle XML and XSL style sheets. As more and more people are leaving Microsoft IE and using alternatives such as Mozilla/Firefox in order to escape the security flaws in IE, it became evident that the problems needed addressing.
  • Added a new family fragment for Hope Smith of Toronto, featuring her family back to James McMenemy in Scotland.

September 2004

August 2004

July 2004

June 2004

May 2004

April 2004

February 2004

  • A long awaited set of updates!
  • Updates to the Law/O'Hara outline tree in the A.McMenemy website
  • Additional links, and correction of a broken link to David Thomas McMenemy's site
  • Update to odd bits of information on the Family Links page, and reference to Shayne McMenemy added
  • Additional link to Betty L Clarke's homepage.
  • New items on Search page

January 2002

September 2001

  • Starting to catch up on emails...
  • Correcting web links that had changed
  • Fixing visitors book
  • Changes to AJMcMenemy site

December 2000

October 2000

September 2000

August 2000

July 2000

  • Added new additions to Carol's family, see F28/CM

June 2000

May 2000

April  2000

  • Added link to Mary-Louise's Thai silk import site.
  • Added reference to Oyster bar in Larchmont run by Brian McMenamin.

March 2000

  • Added new page containing Irish records (predominantly from Griffiths) - This was provided by John McLauglin
  • Added some additional information to Andy McMenemy's fragments

February 2000

January 2000

September 1999

August 1999

  • Update to Judy's "Seeking Ancestors" entry.
  • Further research details from John McLaughlin into the history of the familiy name.
  • More "Annals" from John D McLaughlin
  • Birth Indexes for 1890 showing distribution of the name in Ireland.
  • Extracts from the 1665 Hearth Money Rolls for Donegal from John D McLaughlin.
  • Moved some records from the "McMenemy Name" page to the "Records and Indexes" page.
  • Passenger lists of McM* families sailing from the port of Londonderry 1847-1871 (Brian Mitchell, 1988) provided by John D. McLaughlin
  • New additions to my own family pages (birth of Charles Edward McMenemy)

July 1999

June 1999

May 1999

April 1999

March 1999

  • Family fragment from Thom McMenemy, including the famous footballer Jimmy McMenemy
  • Link to Sherry McMenemy Guzman's site
  • Corrections and substantial additions to the family fragment for Mary McMenamin Hirsch
  • Reference to "The Surname McMenamin" by Joseph P McMenamin
  • Information and link regarding Rosemount, Mn.
  • Correction to Milesian Lineage
  • Update to Cleone Barrus' family fragment
  • Added link to McMenamin's pubs, music venues etc.
  • Added family fragment regarding the family of Mary McMenamin Hirsch which originally hailed from Co.Tyrone.
  • Modification to web design to amend colour of followed links
  • Added Birth registrations for 1870-75
  • Added Marriage registrations for 1870-75
  • Added Death registrations for 1870-75
  • Update to Roe and Law outline trees in AJ McMenemy's family information to add Matthew Patrick Ross
  • Reference to McMenamin Surname Board
  • Reference to Robert Bell's book on Ulster Surnames
  • Added a page relating the Milesian Lineage from Adam to the first McMeanma. (My thanks to Ted McMenomy for this contribution).
  • Add link to Jim Sears McMenamin's web site
  • Added link to Robert Francis McMenomey's web site
  • Added link to Vogue featuring several photos of Kristen McMenamy
  • Update to Roe family information in AJ McMenemy's family information
  • Link to "Other Records" - RCAF Awards
  • Mention for Richard McMenemy

February 1999

  • Added new link to Jack and Bev McMenamin's web site
  • Added link to Dan McMenamin's web site
  • Added reference to the McMenemy mailing list
  • Added photo of a grave in Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona
  • Added a newspaper reference regarding cattle rustling.

January 1999

  • McMenemy links page redesigned
  • New link provided to McMenamin-Yurevich family site
  • Web site redesigned
  • Family tree segment descending from one William McMenemy, submitted by Cleone Barrus.
  • Additional information from Guy McMenemy added to his family fragment.
  • Added outline family tree for descendants of John Bolt, 4th g-grandfather of Diane McMenemy.
  • New information from Jeff LeFaucheur (from Australia) about his family added as a family fragment.
  • New information from Guy McMenemy (from Texas) regarding his family added as a family fragment.
  • Several minor corrections to story of my McMenemy family

December 1998

  • I have added a discussion forum for McMenemy families and researchers
  • Reorganised Contents page to better show the structure of the site.
  • Additional information from 1851 Census concerning Taylor family.
  • Additional generation, and further information on the Boult family story.
  • New family fragment (legend) from Billy McMenamy (Mexia, Texas)
  • Entry in Other McMenemys for Tombstone cemetery inscription!
  • New item searching for William McMenemy in the Desperately Seeking page.
  • 435 new vital record extracts for Births 1860-69, Marriages 1860-69, and Deaths 1860-69.
  • Vital records listings split into multiple pages by date. This was done to speed loading of the pages and hopefully to simplify searching. These pages can be accessed from the Records & Registers page.
    (Eventually I hope to replace these with direct access to my database)

November 1998

The vital records information from my database has been added. We now have well over 600 entries extracted from the registers and organised by date in the pages below.

  • Vital records listing of Marriages added as a separate page
  • Vital records listing of Births added as separate page
  • Vital records listing of Deaths modified to load more quickly.
  • The Records & Registers page has been modified to link to the vital records pages above.
  • A Table of Contents was added
  • A vital records listing of death registrations was added as a separate page.
  • Addition of this What's New Page.
  • New search request on the "Searches" page
  • A Table showing the distribution of McMenemy households throughout the world.
  • I have split the outine family trees for my family into a separate section of the web
  • The site was relocated!