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To comment or to  provide additional information, please email me using the link below.

Andy McMenemy

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I have set up a mailing list on rootsweb for the family and its various spellings. There are notes below explaining how you can become part of the list. (I did not presume to put you on the list automatically).

For those of you not familiar with these mailing lists, they provide a means of communicating directly with all the subscribers. So if I had sent an email to the list, all of you who had subscribed would automatically get a copy of the note. This means that each of you (subscribers) can send a message for all to see. It is a bit like asking a question on one of the Genealogy newsgroups, though in this case it is targeted to people with an interest in our families.

If you have any trouble with the list, let me know and I will try and help you.

Now to subscribe you need to send a plain email (not HTML or enriched text) to:
The subject of the note can be left blank 
The body of the note should contain the single word subscribe

Click this link to get started.

Send the note... and that's it, you're part of the mailing list. You will receive an acknowledgment with some more detailed instructions about some things you can do. (There is also a list called - this consolidates the various postings together and sends them as a single message every so often... this is useful in a very active mailing list, but I suspect less useful for us).

It goes without saying, I'm sure, that this mailing list is only for family related information and queries. It is not to be used for any commercial activity, and it's content MUST be suitable for family audience. If there is any misuse, I will summarily remove the perpetrator from the list.

Searching back entries

It is possible to search for information previously entered in the mailing lists. If you wish to look up past entries then follow this link
(Thanks to Margo for this tip).

Mailing List Archives

The entries made on the mailing list are saved for posterity! If you wish to refresh your memory on a particular discussion or go back and read through the discussions we had in the past you can follow this link (You will have to register to view it, but registration is free of charge, and a means of reducing unwarranted e-mail).

The archives are indexed by month, and can be viewed chronologically or as threaded discussions.