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There are occasional news items that feature M'Meanmain family. Below are links to some of these.

In the News

Here are some links to articles featuring McM* families in the news

Date Features Article Source
2005-01-02 Iain McMenemy Veteran's anger at medal delay BBC
2004-04-08 Iain McMenemy "TA soldiers head for Iraq as Robin Cook criticises American forces " Scottish TV
2004-01-22 Iain McMenemy 'No tents, not enough NBC suits and the wrong kit'
2003-06-23 Andrew McMenemy "McMenemy to the rescue for Gala" Border Telegraph
2000-05-26 Ruth McMenemy "Sparkling Ruth's Debut Joy" Romford Recorder
1999-04-5 Paul "Buddy" McMenemy Guy's Last Stand Houston Business Journal
1996-09-6 Ryan McMenemy Firefighters, EMS workers will be honored as heroes The Detroit News
? Cpl Jack McMenemy Derry Soldier's Gallantry.
Ammunition Depot Explosion.
Rescued Injured Men
Scanned Newspaper clipping. (Note 1)
  1. Source - David McMenemy (Email, 2/6/2005)

Births Notices

Here are some relevant birth notices:

    2000-6-22 Megan McManemy