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Military Records & Awards

McMENEMY, P/O George Stuart (J17117) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.426 Squadron - Award effective 3 June 1943 as per London Gazette dated 15 June 1943 and AFRO 1338/43 dated 16 July 1943. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, 1920; home there. Trained at No.5 ITS (graduated 24 September 1941), No.22 EFTS (graduated 22 November 1941) and No.13 SFTS (graduated 11 March 1942). Commissioned 1943. Medal presented 29 February 1944. Took part in first operation by No.426 Squadron (14 January 1943); posted to No.405 Squadron, 12 May 1943 after completing 24 sorties.

This officer has participated in numerous sorties against all types of targets in enemy territory and also in mine- laying patrols in enemy waters. His objectives have included Essen, Mannheim, Kiel and Duisburg. Pilot Officer McMenemy has invariably displayed exceptional determination to press home his attacks and has produced photographs which amply illustrate the success of his attacks. His courage and resourcefulness have at all times been an inspiration to other members of the squadron. 

(RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards - 1939-1949)